5 Reasons Why People Struggle to Lose Weight

A hard cold truth is that some people tend to struggle a lot when it comes to losing weight. Even with the right combination of diet and workout, they still find it hard to shed that extra flab. This can be frustrating to many people because even after trying out everything, they still gain weight. While some people’s struggles are tied to medical issues, for others it is completely related to more energy in than out. This basically means that they are consuming more energy foods than what they can shed out during their workout session. This piece highlights some of the reasons as to a percentage of people tend to struggle to lose weight:

  • Skip meals

Our bodies are designed in such a way that for them to function properly, we need to eat at a regular interval throughout the day. Therefore, when you skip your meals your body metabolism becomes slow hence making it hard to shed off the extra weight. If you eat more than 4 to 5 times in a day you are at a high risk of gaining excess weight. This therefore means that you need to eat right, at the right time and watch what you eat.

  • Eating back the calories you’ve burnt

The essence of working out is to burn excess calories. This can explain why if you are after losing weight, exercising should form part of the equation. At no point are you allowed to use the, ”I work out” excuse to get away with poor eating habits. Most people think that because they work out daily, they can overeat, overindulge or overdrink simply because they’ll work out tomorrow and everything will be back to normal. Well, shock on you, it will not!

  • Not eating as healthy as you think

Most people are overweight today because they fail to watch what they eat. In connection to this, you might be working out right and ”eating right” but still you are not losing weight. Even people who do not eat right tend to think that they are doing it right. This is the point where you need someone experienced and professional to guide you through your diet and help you come up with the right balance.

  • Concentrating on the wrong kind of exercise

A good number of exerciser tend to be affected by this. You might be a dedicated exerciser but you still cannot get your head around the fact that you cannot lose weight. Perhaps you need to consider how you are working out. A recent research revealed that interval training tends to burn more calories as compared to steady pace workout.

  • Hormonal imbalance

Both the stress hormones and the thyroid hormones can impact your metabolism and weight leading to blocking your body’s attempt to losing that extra weight. With these imbalances, you can end up increasing your appetite making you to crave lots of carbs. With such kinds of cravings, it makes it hard for your body to lose weight.