Game Overview

Aliens have invaded Earth in the year 2089. The aliens possess shields that make them impervious to modern weaponry, but they are still vulnerable to close-combat melee attacks. With Earth’s population already depleted, you are tasked with going back in time to recruit troops that specialize in hand-to-hand combat. Traveling from timeline to timeline, you will work with military geniuses like Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan. By helping them to defeat their ancient foes, they will help you by allowing you to bring their armies with you into the future.


Tower Defense, Strategy

Release Date

December 5th, 2022


Beanstalk Games


iOS version coming soon!

26 Towers, 85 Maps, 51 enemies, 28 allies, and 338 Unique Tower Abilities!

Ancient Allies is huge. We’ve taken the Tower Defense Genre to the next level. In addition to the massive number of game elements, each map has a corresponding campaign level in addition to six ‘trial modes’. The end result is hundreds of hours of playtime that never gets stale.

Engaging Campaign Mode

Ancient Allies Tower Defense includes 85 campaign levels on release. Each campaign level requires a unique strategy to complete, making them more challenging and fun to play than traditional ‘endless’ tower defense modes. But we have the endless modes too! Each map has an easy, normal, hard, insane, time trial, and damage trial mode.