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Is Ancient Allies TD only available on Android?

Right now, Ancient Allies TD is only available on Android. The iOS version is coming soon- hopefully around the end of Q2 2023!

How do I defeat camo enemies?

Camo enemies can be killed by your allied troops, ballistas, and towers that have camo vision. The sniper tower starts with camo vision, but other towers like the handgun, rifle, and more can be granted camo vision via an ability upgrade. If you’re struggling to defeat camo units, try using the handgun tower’s third upgrade path.

How do I join the BEta?

The full release of Ancient Allies TD is available on Android in all English-speaking countries plus a handful of others. In all other countries, the beta / open testing is available. You can download either version here.

How do I defeat Alien Enemies?

Alien enemies can be killed by your allied troops, ballistas, alien towers, and super upgraded non-alien towers. You won’t unlock alien towers until late in the game, so the easiest way to deal with aliens when you first encounter them is to use (and try upgrading) your allied troops. You should also try super upgrading a handgun or shotgun tower.